His Life

“I was put on earth to Play & talk baseball. it’s a God-given love I will never lose.”

Chris’ ability to block out all distractions with incredible focus on hitting flying objects is a unique skill developed over decades that stems from his career as a professional baseball player and World Series Champion (2006) with the St. Louis Cardinals. Anchored with an enthusiasm for life, Chris Duncan is a former Major League Baseball left fielder and first baseman.

Full of determination, passionate and having overcome cancer, Chris takes honest approaches to living. Relentlessly driven in pursuit of life’s experiences with a firm stand to a balanced quality of life. He is the second son of Dave Duncan, who played and coached baseball for 11 and 36 years respectively. His brother, Shelley Duncan, also played professional baseball and is currently a minor league manager in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. After baseball, Chris turned to broadcasting and has been on the St. Louis 101 ESPN Radio Affiliate, WXOS. Currently he co-hosts "The Turn" with Anthony Stalter. Check out his show at www.101sports.com

Her Life

“I feel I was born with a vision for what I wanted out of my life. Now it’s time to execute.”

Lead by a core of authenticity, purpose-driven and principles based life, Amy's enthusiasm for health, wellness, and fitness is contagious.

Amy has travelled frequently to pursue a career in healthcare - from nearly five years at Walgreens Pharmacy in St. Louis, to a foundation in sales at Ricoh and Nihon Kohden, a healthcare medical device company. Amy then transitioned to the Biotech industry to blend her expertise in sales, marketing, and operations as the Chief Operating Officer at a genetics laboratory, Vantari Genetics, in Southern California. In October 2016, knowing life is short, she left her position at the laboratory to spend more time with Chris and follow her own dreams. 

She now pursues her passions and fulfills her entrepreneurial visions leading her own companies to success. Mowellens, a cannabis company focused on health & wellness, is set to launch this March 2018. (www.mowellens.com @Mowellens). 

Together we combine our Paralleled Passions for Life, Excitement, Ambition & Pursuit of Happiness in Experiencing the World

With aligned personalities & goals, husband-and-wife duo, Amy and Chris, met in St. Louis, 2007. Both grew up in good families with grounded backgrounds.

Through adversity and hardships, they overcome hurdles together - long distance relationship, major league baseball ups & downs and when Chris was diagnosed with glioblastoma brain tumor in October 2012, where everything changed. Both Amy and Chris started living differently and accelerated their journey towards eating healthy, exercising often, increasing their zest for life and spending time doing what they love most.

Living Duncan is a chapter of Chris’ and Amy’s lives to share their energy by connecting with as many as possible. Setting their sights on inspiring, touching and teaching individuals how to set goals and never give up on life’s mission by embracing new ways to maintain an optimal life and peak wellness as a team. Their hope is that their authentic and genuine inspiration and motivation to overcome obstacles, become your true self, find your passions in life, and live your best life will become a catalyst for you in your journeys.