Taking the Leap....

There may be chaos all around you. The world will never be perfectly calm. Timing will never be "right". Yet you still must take the leap. 

So I'll let everyone into my life a little bit....into our chaos. Chris is on day four of five of chemo over here. All is going well. Thank you for your prayers and kind messages on Instagram & Facebook! This isn't what we envisioned for the start of our year. But he is strong & conquering it head on (literally). As for me....I'll just say that change is my friend. All change is welcomed in my world (all except when the "C" (cancer) word is included). I thrive off change, it fuels me, it keeps me open minded, yearning for more, conquering. I like to see things evolve and being a catalyst for change is my jam.

So back in September when Chris had some MRIs that were poor quality images we immediately jumped to the worst case scenario. Just the thought of the tumor coming back made us move...made us change. Because of this scare, in October, I walked away from my job in healthcare to spend more time with Chris and to pursue my own business. Then this reoccurrence happens in January. 

I could put on the brakes hard and give up on what I believe will set us up for the life we envision. Or I can continue to balance my love and marriage with my husband while building a new business. I chose the later. He doesn't know what happens in my meeting. I schedule them while he's on his radio show on ESPN. He doesn't care about any details. I flip the switch off when I'm with him. I always joke with him that one day I'll bring him to my company and show him what I've built. That or I'll just take him shopping and he'll wonder where I got the money. 

There will always be challenging times and rocky waters and obstacles. Life doesn't just stop and magically the life you always wanted shows up. It doesn't happen that way. It's a grind. What's most important is that through this process of creating, building, hustling, healing...that you keep going. Even small steps towards your goals will eventually get you there. 

Timing will never be right. You should still take the leap.