Who Are You? Balance at Different Stages of Life.

I observe. I watch others live their lives. Finding balance in life. Becoming accustomed to new normals. I feel - the energy of others, the passion in their voice, the stress that sometimes creeps in, the excitement for new adventure. Our true self is deep within and sometimes doesn't show its face unless someone is willing to listen. 

These two women have magnetic energy & my hope is that their short story will reach out, touch you, and make you reflect on YOU. I want this post to become a norm because I believe many can relate when hearing others speak about their lives, their balance, their journey. WHO ARE YOU? 

"New MOM Life" - by Molly & Kai


For me, it was the acceptance that my old life was history and my new life was....well....rather shocking. But once I realized I was still me, I saw my little person as a brand new path, a reason for new adventures and routines, and a chance to reset my mindset. No longer is rushing important - I am now a stay at home mom with more time than I know what to do with. I take things SLOW! And when I say slow, I mean S*L*O*W! We smell the roses, take the long path, and definitely get the frozen foods last. Cut me off, honk, and throw me the birdy - I'll smile and wave! I now accept that doing something from start to finish is a rare occurrence and I roll with it. No one ever achieved success in one day - the same goes for laundry. I don't let little things become a big deal. When she falls into a puddle and is soaking wet - I chose to make it a memory. My mindset kicks off my day and ends it. Yes, I have to be the best mom I can be. But that doesn't mean every waking hour needs to be devoted to my daughter - to me, that's just greedy. I start off at the gym while she plays in daycare - a win-win. I have a chance to center myself and my thoughts and we both are better off for it. I can't say yes to everything, but I'm far more open to new opportunities than I was before this new life. Basically, for me, it's re-discovering myself in a new normal. My only judge here is an 18-month-old. And she's a pretty easy boss!

Molly Granstaff is one of my three sisters & two years younger than I. She & her husband, Jason, have been married for 6 years, together for 13! Our friendship & love is something I cherish greatly - even when our distance MO>CA separates us. A degree in accounting & a hidden talent in marketing & design. She shows sensitive & selfless love, not only her family, but to everyone good she encounters - a rarity in the world today. She softens the edges of society by spreading goodness. Find the adventures of her & Kai on Instagram @mogstaff.

"Accomplished....Yet Still Driven" - by Lindsey

I will always want to accomplish more. I know that about myself. I'm also well aware that not everyone is going to understand why or support how much I have to commit myself in order to achieve what I have envisioned. I've learned that I am my biggest fan, best collaborator, and number one inspiration. It sounds like, WOAH EGO. But stay with me. I find myself in flow more often than not, and I believe it is because I am giving myself kudos and love every step of the way and for every step forward. That self-love, that love of the mess, of the process, of my will, of my highs and lows, is the secret sauce in achieving my dreams. It is the key to my balance. It brings me peace when things get chaotic and shines light on the good in any major change. My co-host of the Almost 30 Podcast, Krista Williams, describes our drive and focus as "fierce and flexible." It is now one of my mantras. I am fierce in my pursuit of what I want to achieve - down to get down with any challenge. I am confident that what brought me to this point will get me through to the next level. But I am also committed to being flexible in my journey. After all, we are a part of a universe that is always changing. I have learned that change is exciting, change is happening FOR ME. When I flow with change, I open myself up to a million more opportunities. EVERY. DAMN. TIME. 

Lindsey Simcik is a dear friend & fellow focused business woman. We met through a mutual passion in Soul Cycle. Her podcast, the Almost 30 Podcast, blends humor, women power, inspiration, health, wellness, & beauty. Basically a blend of all things REAL + an added punch. Lindsey lives with a zest for life you FEEL! Her aspirations for conquering her dreams & goals are evident by her urgency & authenticity. When woman support woman we win - Lindsey lives this. Find her on Instagram @lindsims and @almost30podcast. Download her podcast on iTunes or www.almost30podcast.com.