2017. Off To A Rocky Start

2017 has started off with ups and downs....already. We are ready to tackle whatever comes our way with love and strength. Four years ago Duke came to our rescue to remove a brain tumor in Chris. Under the care of some of the best surgeons and doctors in the world - we have remained tumor free for four years since. We revisited Duke this past weekend to bring clarity to a recent MRI. Although the news what not exactly what we wanted, we choose to see the positive in the situation. Chemo starts again on Tuesday and we are praying that the response will again destroy the small spots of progression.

We don't share our story to get sympathy from our digital family. Rather, we share our story to provide strength, love, kindness, hope, and a listening ear - for those who are going through any challenge in life where they feel alone or could use a smile. Life hasn't been all 🌹 roses....but we make it roses anyway. With our strong faith, our family and friends, and the love we have as husband and wife - we are stronger together. 

Tomorrow is not promised for any of us - enjoy today, love, and smile. 😘  ❤