NO ALCOHOL - Chris 2: Cancer 0

This past week we went for another MRI. Yet again the 9pm Friday night MRI was a dreaded experience. I mean...9pm....for one, we are usually in bed right around this time (true gramps & granny here). For two, we wanted to go to Santa Monica and couldn't leave until after the MRI, putting us at a midnight arrival. Thanks but no thanks UCI. The waiting game is never fun but this time the Tuesday follow up and MRI read appointment was in a new office off campus in Newport Beach. We will take that!

Basically, we ran out of that office after she gave us the good news. One of the nodules that showed up in December is nearly gone. The other nodules is shrinking. This is really good news! 

A combination of chemo, cannabis, healthy eating, prayers, and balanced quality of life is to credit for this healing. Chris does such a great job eating healthy. He has not had dessert (minus a few dark chocolates) in 4.5 years! I mean seriously! I think a lot of people say..."I eat healthy" then sneak a donut here and there. (I'm describing myself here). But Chris is true to his lifestyle of real food, healthy ingredients, no processed foods, no processed/artificial sugars. Veggies, fruits, meats, and very little carbs. As much organic as humanly possible. Grass-fed and hormone free meats. 

AND NO ALCOHOL. We have not had alcohol in 4.5 years. I think that was the biggest change for us. We loved our dinners and drinks with friends. It's culture - the gathering of friends and a little drink to take the edge off. For me, I liked my sauvignon blanc and grey goose with H20 (LOL- balance right). And then I liked to hit the dance floor and bust some moves. Chris loved his beer. When we learned of the sugar in alcohol we cut it out altogether. I say, WE.'s hard when you can't drink for health reasons. I didn't want to be the wife drinking alongside a hubby who couldn't/shouldn't. So I quit too. To be honest, it helped me find myself. Not having the additive to take the edge off, I learned to let my true self out without it. I learned to be social and let loose without a false personality that was alcohol. Don't get me wrong, as an introvert it helped me let loose and get outside my comfort zone. But I like the challenge of this without the extra push. I have to push myself. I think at first Chris as pretty down about not getting to drink. That awkward moment when you're out with friends and they order a drink and hand you the cocktail menu - "water with lemon is good".....and then the looks. He was such the life of the party with a beer in hand. So many stories of younger years with alcohol in the picture. He now accepts it and this new normal is something, after 4.5 years, we are used to.

This has been a fabulous week for us. Cancer hits close to home for so many people. Other illnesses creep into our lives and the lives of families all over this world. We have been fortunate to be where we are with this one. Thank you all for your prayers, support, messages, texts, comments, and love. We feel you from near and far. You will never know the kind of inspiration we feel from YOU. And of course....Thank God.