Time Management for Peak Performance

How you split your time is critical to your success.

In my career, I have climbed the corporate ladder rather quickly. Waitress (5 years) > Pharmacy Technician (4 years) > Copier sales rep promoted to Managed Document Services Rep (2) > Medical device sales rep promoted to Enterprise AE (2.5) > Director of Sales & Marketing promoted to Chief Operating Officer (2). My point in showing you this is to show the burnout. As I started advancing I found myself going "all-in". I was promoted because I went "all-in". Nothing meant more to me than my career. I advanced because I committed every minute of my day to learning, focusing, pouring everything I had into my job. Is this the only way? 

Since October, I've been self-employed, un-employed, building my business, consulting.....whatever you want to call it. If you follow my InstaStory, you may think I spend my days visiting new coffee shops or taking Soul Cycle classes or grubbing at a hip trendy lunch spot. You could think I get my groove on all day with my 8am dance parties. Truth is, what I show on my story accounts for about 3 minutes of my whole day - and a total of about 2-3 hours (with driving) out of my day. I show the time I am recharging my mind and renewing my body. It's not all rainbows and butterflies here. It's grinding! It's meetings and networking and business development.....it's strategizing and evaluating risk. It's trying new tactics and then switching it up. It's motivating others, planning, and execution. I've started to show some of the meetings so you can see the other side of my life as well.

What I've found is that the balance of recharge and hustle is critical to my success and longevity. How I manage the time in my week (all 7 days btw) is how I stay sane and charge forward. I recently listened to the Rich Roll Podcast with guests, Brad Stulberg & Steve Magness, who talked about their burnout and method for peak performance. I'm trying this now.....and I have to say, it feels much better, more sustainable than my old ways. Stress + Rest = GROWTH. I have to say, that I have never worked this way before. More often than not, I go into the office or start my work from home, and find myself on a roll for hours on end, fully consumed by the project. Recently though, I changed. I begin to measure my "stress", the focused, fully engaged, time of work. And I balanced this with a walk outside, a drive to my favorite coffee shop, a walk through the equestrian center to see the horses. Even if this "rest" was for 20 minutes, it helped. It helped to reset my mind and allow creativity to sneak in again. It allowed my breathing to slow, my eyes to refocus, and the pace of the day to pause and recharge. 

Here are three of my biggest tips for transitioning to the STRESS + REST = GROWTH


Use your calendar and block time for you....just like you block time for meetings.  Block time in your day to rest and recharge. And start holding yourself accountable for not always saying yes. If something interrupts this time be vocal in stating the importance of it in your day. If you ask anyone who knows me well, I use my calendar like none other. It is my saving grace when it comes to managing my time, stress, and rest. 


Establish non-negociables as ways to stay on track with essentials in your life. What will you definitely, never, no way, ever give up for something else? PS...my non-negociables are my healthy meals and 4 days of workouts per week. Use tip one to make sure you never sacrifice these.


When we escape into nature or drive even an hour outside of town our minds shift. If you are a workaholic, plan a weekend trip or longer once a quarter to reset. Nature resets our body and mind. It doesn't always have to be a two-week trip around the world. Small weekend trips to a meadow, or a hike in the woods, a bird watching excursion, a bike ride down a dirt road. All of these are a change. Plan a getaway....we all need it.....PS. Put it on your calendar too. 

Stress is created when our time is mismanaged. Split your time appropriately......stress-less. πŸ’†πŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸ»