Free & Close-to-free Favorites of August

The most dangerous phrase in the language is

"we've always done it this way."

The truth favorite things change quite often. I'm always trying new things and shaking up my routine in an effort to keep life interesting and exciting. We are always evolving. So I wanted a place to provide a sneak peek into my favorite things (of the moment). Of course, some of my routines become habits and tend to stick around. Go to Our Favorite Things page to stay up on new products, partnerships, specials, tips, and tricks that Chris and I enjoy and we think you will enjoy too!

Here are three of my current reading faves:

  1. - Resources for Becoming Your Best You - Further is a once-a-week email newsletter that helps you maximize your performance, potential, and personal growth. No hype. No fluff. MY FAVORITE!!! It's always amazing content, short digestable topics, and creates stimulating pause to make your life better....from the moment you read it. I subscribe to many lists and newsletters that bombard my inbox and immediately get the DELETE. But THIS email....I wait for it to arrive.

  2. Random Magazine at Whole Foods - Lonely Plant - I feel like ever since cell phones literally took over our lives (not a bad thing) that I don't read magazines as much as I used to. Really the only time I pick up a mag is when I'm flying and forget my book. This week I picked up the Lonely Planet magazine so I could begin planning my anniversary trip to the Galapagos Islands! Yes! That's right!! And Chris has no idea....and he won't read this so I have nothing to worry about. Pick up a magazine and pop a read at your local coffee shop...instead of the screen...find awe in the beauty of the imagery and creative text. :)

  3. Planet of the Apps - If you know me you know I'm the biggest Shark Tank fan and basically craving new episodes (last new one was in May). Greatness arrived in the form of Planet of the Apps!!! Loving this show with Gary Vaynerchuk, Gwenth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, and Will.I.Am. It's always beneficial to stay up on the latest technology, as tech rules our world. The mentorship on this show is fabulous and provides insight on raising capital and thinking about what it takes to succeed in the tech space. I highly recommend popping this show on your Mac via the iTunes store Apple Music.....sit back and enjoy...(add a matcha latte to this picture and you're perfection). :)

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