2018 MAGIC. Here we come!

Well here we go again....another year....more goals....more balance.... resolutions.... accomplishments...failures. You know the deal. But we all go through these together. And hopefully, I hear from you to talk it out. Shoot me a DM or email. I'd love to connect. 

I wanted to give you a quick preview of my objectives with LivingDuncan.com for this year.

  1. Share insight into why wellness is my JAM - how did I get to this point of hustle, adventure, superfoods, inspiration, motivation, leaps of faith, meditation, health, etc. etc etc. What is "wellness"? Let's chat about it.

  2. Giveaways and contests - I want to share some of my favorite things with you! There are staples in my every day that I don't know where I'd be without it - you know self-care rituals, foods, products, apps, accessories, clothes, etc. So my goal is to do a giveaway at least once per quarter.

  3. Add Chris into this LivingDuncan mix - I mean, he's already a huge part of it, but, he's going to start putting together his own little corner of the site where baseball, coral reefs, electric bikes, and sports (his JAMS) can live. haha. He's always thinking about doing more....and so we are going to channel that ambition in this direction.

  4. Launch a company created from my SOUL - no biggie right. Actually, Mowellens (coming in March!!) is really my passion project and I'm extremely excited about what is to come. Also, anticipating how I will balance this into the mix.....one of those challenges from the list above right? Mowellens is a community with a huge vision. Sign up at www.mowellens.com to hear more.

  5. Gallery, Gallery, Gallery - When we adventure I take a ton of pics and I seek out some great spots. I want to share these with you. This way when you decide to get away for that day or weekend trip and you want less legwork on planning....I got you!

My word for this year is FORWARD. For the past few weeks as I thought about the year coming to a close and a new one beginning all I wanted was to keep moving forward.

So here we go.....


Love always. Speak soon.