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Carbon38 Passport Collection

The transition from meetings to mingle. In corporate America I've always stayed on the conservative side....but since October (leaving the laboratory) I decided I wouldn't let the stereotypes or stigmas of how women are supposed to dress smother my style. I'm loving Carbon38 Passport Collection. It has a edginess, classic, yet feminine touch to add some confidence to your already existing BOSS self. 



Lotus Blooming Herbs

Oh the magic of Shilajit. I bought this product about 4 years ago after weeks of research. I was feeling run down, a cold coming on. Living in the Midwest this happened often. At the start of this feeling I take a fingernail dab of Shilajit. It kicks it! Read more about this powerful, magical, herb from the Himalayas.  

Naked Zebra Striped Button Down

Who would have thought we would be back to tying a knot in our shirt again!? But I'm loving this effortless look especially paired with some cute jean shorts. When I go horseback riding I'm a huge fan of the simple button down shirt. I also bring a button down to cover a dress if I think I'll get cold. Loving this one from Naked Zebra.